Terms of use

Terms and conditions

1 scope
These Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to contracts between the International Tennis Card, International Tennis Group UG below ITG and the subscribers / customers / affiliates of Tennis Card International and on the performance of ITG.

The goods and services of ITG are subject to these Terms. In addition, the indicated in the offer to order special conditions apply. The subscribers / customers / advertisers are aware of the terms and conditions, they are expressly agreed and be part of the contract.

The relation of Tennis, Card International is the world possible on ITG.

2 Justification of the contractual relationship
2.1 The appointment of Tennis Card International is a binding offer. ITG
can take itself or through an appointed service provider by sending an order confirmation within 7 days of this offer.

2.2 The care and management of subscription contracts under the Terms shall be held by ITG or by a service company.

3 Receivables
3.1 The regular supply of Tennis Card International begins after the order by the subscribers / customers. The transport and delivery of Tennis Card International is worldwide by post by ITG or by a service company.

4 Obligations of subscribers
4.1 The Subscriber / Customer is requested to remove Tennis Card International for the duration of the contract and to pay the agreed purchase price.

5 reference charges
5.1 The subscriber / customer has to pay for Tennis Card International / -Partnercard the agreed purchase prices (annual fee) in advance, the respective amounts that result from the contract.

5.2 The reference prices are subject to applicable price control of ITG. ITG will adjust the reference prices when this becomes necessary due to increased sales, payroll, print and / or paper costs. These price increases will not entitle to extraordinary termination.
5.3 ITG is entitled, without prejudice to further claims for late payment interest at the rate of 5% above the base rate (§ 288 para. 1 BGB) to calculate.

6th Term and Termination
6.1 The contract is for an initial minimum term described in the offer. A termination within the agreed minimum subscription period is excluded. The notice to the end of the minimum subscription period results from the ordering underlying offer. After the expiry of the minimum subscription period, the contract will be extended indefinitely (at least for another 12 months). The contract may be terminated by either party upon three months’ notice to the end of the subscription period.

6.2 The right of both parties to terminate the agreement for good cause, where appropriate, without notice, remains unaffected. An important reason is given for late payment or if a party culpably violates one incumbent on it by this Treaty essential obligation and despite warning does not remedy the breach with reasonable notice within the prescribed period.

6.3 The termination is in writing in each case, to express to the attending agency by registered mail or fax.

7 Privacy
7.1 The Subscriber agrees to the automated processing of his data. The relevant provisions concerning the processing of personal data are respected by ITG.

7.2 The Subscriber / Customer authorizes ITG addresses and address changes for contractual fulfillment to pass on to authorized service company.

8 partners
8.1 The duration of the contract with the partner companies is for an indefinite period. The special services and discounts are valid for one year. Thereafter, the offer may be changed. A termination of the partner company at any time with a notice period of three months. The ITG may terminate the partner company only if it does not comply with the set of your offer for subscribers. After the second caution of the ITG cancellation and a penalty of 2,500 takes place. The notice is in writing in each case, to express to the attending agency by registered mail or fax Each partner company receives information and an appropriate label for detection. The ITG allows each partner to offer the Tennis Card International for sale. For the partner company receives a commission that is specified in the contract.

9 Other provisions
9.1 The Subscriber / Customer shall notify changes, which would affect the performance of the services (eg. B. Change the zustellfähigen home address) and the contractual relationship (name change), the supervising office in writing without delay. Changes and cancellation of subscription contracts must be in writing. Price adjustments are not affected by this formal requirement.

9.2 For all legal relationships between the parties is governed by German law.

9.3 The parties agree for disputes arising under the contract, to the extent permitted by law, the jurisdiction is Hamburg.