International Tennis Group

Welcome to International Tennis Group “It’s all about tennis,” that is the motto of the International Tennis Group – our services currently include the Germany-wide organization of LK tennis tournaments and sales activity of Tennis Card International. The Tennis Card is a discount card with many attractive discounts and special rates around tennis. At all organized LK tournaments by the International Tennis Group you will get discounts with the tennis card and other benefits. Learn more about International Tennis Group, we invite you receive further information as followed. …Lk-tournaments …Tennis Card International The mission of the International Tennis Group The passion for tennis determines the actions of the International Tennis Group. Our team is highly motivated and ambitious to offer our customers and partners the best service. It is our goal to inspire our customers of our services and persuade. At the same time, we share with you the passion for tennis and are on and off the court always make us eager to improve day by day. We set our target group to be active tennis players of all ages who play tennis as passionate as we are, also tennis clubs, tennis coaches who want to save money on the subject of Tennis [...]